Our team

Vice President, BrightTALK Studios
Simon Gerzina

Simon has been with BrightTALK since 2010 after spending nearly two decades creating content for film, television, music and fashion media. In his spare time he’s an avid cyclist and is eating his way across New York.

Managing Producer, London
Matt Harris

A proud Canadian, Matt started in television in 2002 and has since thrived in a range of production environments for broadcast and for the web. When not at work, Matt can be seen cheering on the Boston Bruins and Arsenal FC.

Managing Producer, New York
Greg Johnson

One of the founding members of BrightTALK Studios NY, Greg has over 20 years of video production and webcasting experience. In his free time you’ll find him (if you can find him!) out on the Atlantic sailing.

Managing Event Producer, New York
Matthew Moffre

Matthew joined BrightTALK in 2008, bringing 4 years experience managing broadcast studios and 15 years experience as an audio engineer. Matthew enjoys composing music and operates an independent music label in his spare time.

Creative Account Director, London
Jon Mycroft

Jon has spent over a decade working across film, television and the digital space, creating content as varied as short films, stunt videos, mockumentaries and even a musical. In his free time, his long term support of Southampton Football Club is now finally bearing dividends…after three decades of torment.

Creative Account Director, New York
Jeff Kunken

Jeff has over 15 years experience leading media strategy, production and marketing for television, digital and emerging platforms. He also enjoys writing, playing guitar and teaching meditation.

Creative Account Director, San Francisco
Michelle Salta

Michelle has spent the last 15 years telling stories, both in front of and behind the camera, as well as advising companies of all sizes on marketing strategy and content creation. She loves fantasy/sci-fi novels, long walks with her family and the occasional MMA knockout.

Executive Producer, London
Angus Henderson

Angus has spent nearly two decades making award-winning video for
the BBC, Sky and Ch4 as well as leading finance & tech clients in Europe and Hong Kong. He loves skiing, making short films and being a dad and speaks French and Italian.

Animator, New York
Nyekha Bennett

Nyekha brings to BrightTalk experience creating 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation, previously for industries including agency advertising and children’s tv. Outside of work she is an avid fan of all things fashion, music and art.

Event Producer, San Francisco
Benjamin Blickhan

Benjamin holds a Master’s degree in Low Latency Telepresence and now focuses his energy towards quality webinar production. Off the clock, he enjoys PC gaming, board games, and coffee when he can get it.

Event Producer, London
Will Carr

Will has spent over a decade in the production industry starting in sound with studio and live engineering and production before combining this with filming and live streaming. When not working Will can usually be found taking advantage of London’s wealth of culture by either running or riding his motorbike.

Video Editor, New York
James Cooke

Jim has worked as a video editor for tech media and marketers since 2010. On weekends, Jim can be found with his wife, Jackie, renovating their house, aided (or perhaps hampered), by their dog Roxy.

Video Producer, London
Ben Jeens-Williams

Ben has enjoyed over 12 years experience in digital video production from online gadget reviews to large advertising campaigns. For the last 6 he has specialized in creating corporate videos for the global financial services industry. When he isn’t knees deep in producing videos, he enjoys spending time with the family, behind a set of road bike handlebars and cheering on England and Bath rugby teams.

Mike Lacy
Event Producer, New York
Mike Lacy

Mike has worked in freelance film and media production since graduating with a philosophy and literature degree. He produces short films and podcasts in Brooklyn, mostly about cats.

Animation Producer, New York
Steve Madeja

Steve has spent the last 7 years working in post-production. Starting at BrightTALK as an editor in 2012, he is now a producer specializing in animation. When not waist-deep in storyboards and motion graphics, he can be found exploring used bookstores and historic New York bars.

Video Producer, New York
Mike Marsdale

Mike has been producing marketing and communications content since 2010, developing a well-rounded expertise in video production and editing. In his spare time he produces his own music and can be found DJing on the weekends.

Video Editor, London
Jonathan McQuade

Jonathan, or Jono as he’s affectionately known around the office, joined the team in 2013 and brings a wealth of creativity and talent to BrightTALK from his past editing roles at Sky and Copa 90. In his spare time, Jono is an avid gamer and hunter.

Video Producer, London
Stuart Thompson

Stu has worked in the video production industry since 2009, from starting his own business in corporate promotional videos to creating nature documentaries in Sri Lanka and Tenerife. He has a give-it-a-go attitude, taking up boxing, salsa dancing, rock climbing and trying to perfect his slow-cooked stew with homemade dumplings.

Production Coordinator, London
Caitlin Robson

Caitlin moved to the UK just over 2 years ago. She’s worked primarily at YouTube-based companies, like The Philips DeFranco Show in California and HooRaCha in Canada, since graduating film school in 2013. Outside of work, she enjoys binge-watching Netflix, creative hobbies like painting and pottery, and getting chalky while bouldering.

Senior Video Editor, London
Mark Spinks

Mark has worked across many areas of the creative world from typography, graphic design, photography and web design for 13 years, before finding his true calling, editing video. When not crafting a great video, he unwinds with some gaming, playing guitar, working on the odd short film here and there and is a West Ham United supporter.

Production Coordinator, New York
Mary Bridget Welch

Before joining the BrightTALK team in 2016, Mary Bridget worked in commercial post-production and the television industry. In her spare time, you can find MB running around Brooklyn and reading mystery novels, usually not at the same time.