BrightTALK at RSA 2016

BrightTALK at RSA 2016 1024 578 BrightTALK Studios

In early March, over 40,000 IT Security professionals descended upon San Francisco for one of the top industry events of the year –the RSA Conference.

BrightTALK Studios was on hand to deliver valuable insights from industry leaders, including executives from BAE Systems, The Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, ATT, Paypal, and Intel. 28 videos captured in 4 days helped drive conversations for the 750,000 professionals in BrightTALK’s IT Security Community, as well as thousands of others outside the platform.

What was on most people’s minds? Aside from the Apple-sized elephant in the room, there was lots of talk about protecting valuable infrastructure like hospitals and nuclear plants from cyber attacks. Thought leaders also weighed in on how to recruit the next generation of security professionals, and the changing role of Chief Information Security Officers in the corporate world.

And, despite the scary scenarios being painted at the conference, most industry leaders see hope for a secure future with the aid of AI, and better mitigation from IT security professionals.

The RSA takeaway that we all want to be safe, and to trust the organizations that claim to keep us that way. When an industry like IT Security goes from being a specialized field to something of global importance and interest, communicating thought leadership is crucial.

So here’s to feeling a little bit safer when we transfer funds from our bank account or enter our personal information online. And thanks to the experts at RSA who told us how they’re making it happen.