Intel Cloud Conversations

For Intel,¬†enabling partners through co-marketing is a key strategy for success, and one of the places that’s most evident is at the VMworld San Francisco and Barcelona industry conferences.

Intel has traditionally had a significant presence at the conference, including expert presentations and 1:1 consultations, but in 2013 they wanted to find ways to add more value for their partners while also increasing the visibility of their presence. BrightTALK Studios was able to support Intel by not only capturing their expert presentation content for an online audience, but by filming partner interviews on-site at the conference.

These interviews were edited on-site with rush-turnaround, allowing them to be released to not only social media but for screening on the video walls of the Intel booth within hours of filming. This allowed Intel to keep a constant flow of fresh content across their booth throughout the conference as well as capitalize on their partners’ social reach during the event. Intel was able to create more than 24 individual videos from a 3-day conference with BrightTALK Studios providing a complete solution from pre-production through to release and distribution.

Intel Cloud Conversations at VMworld

If you're Intel, one of the world's largest technology companies, how do you elevate the profile of your presence at one of the year's largest conferences?