Integrate animated case study

Most marketers know that customer stories are the gold standard for content, but what options do you have when you can’t put a customer on-camera?

Most brands shy away from humor, and for obvious reasons. Done poorly, it’s an embarrassment to the brand. But done well, it makes a brand’s content stand out from the pack: suddenly it’s re-watchable, shareable, memorable.

Integrate tasked BrightTALK Studios with achieving both of these things: tell their customer story with a levity and perspective┬áthat would differentiate them from their competitors and make an impression…all while without having direct access to the customer. The resulting piece is entertaining and engaging, exactly what the situation called for.

Most brands shy away from humor: being funny is not easy and there is a lot to lose if it comes off wrong. But if you can pull off a good joke, stay on brand and convey your message there is so much to gain.