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Live webcasting at physical events

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In an age of mobile business marketing and increased screen time, live streaming physical conferences or adapting a physical conference to a hybrid online event is one of the most important things a marketer can do for their product or their company. Live streaming will not only increase the size of your audience but will also help keep your content’s conversation going long after the physical event has occurred.  


The first and most obvious benefit is expanding your audience. Due to their physical limitations, hotels and event spaces can only allow so many people to attend a particular conference. Additionally, not everyone has time to travel and attend a full day or multiple day seminar. To offer an online solution will provide your viewers access, around the world, day or night, to the top thought leaders in your field and the incredible content you worked so hard to curate.  


Physical conferences are content goldmines because of their access to a variety of  presentation tracks, keynote speakers, panel discussions, and on the spot interviews. You can extend this excitement beyond the conference, by repurposing this information throughout your yearly campaign and/or leading up to your next physical event. From there, you can continue to build your subscribers by creating mobile content, utilizing twitter and other social sites, highlighting the best and brightest discussions from your event.


Live streaming content to an online platform increases sponsorship opportunities in a variety of ways. It is important for many marketers to make sure their content is “on brand.” What better way to show off that brand than with landing pages and web interfaces introducing your live stream.  Making the most of conference breaks, product marketing videos can be streamed live between presentations or during networking interludes.  These small but important opportunities can help your brand, or your sponsor’s brand, maintain a streamlined and congruent statement that coincides with the rich content of the presentation itself.  

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