Dog Tags, soldier

“Dog Tags”: making timely content marketing

“Dog Tags”: making timely content marketing 1024 632 BrightTALK Studios

The most compelling videos have stories that are both timely and personal. Even in the B2B space we want to learn something new and connect.  So, when BNY Mellon came to us with this project we were excited.

Word had gotten out that an employee at the firm had found a dog tag on a vacation to Vietnam and after a long search he found that the owner was not only still alive but he was a client!

Fox & Friends, the national morning television show,  picked up the story and the marketing team at BNY Mellon needed to move fast. They wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and create a short video to promote the resource center on their website. To be timely, they needed to promote the piece immediately following the morning broadcast. We had 4 days.

Using simple green screen technology, vacation pictures and good old Google Earth we were able prep, shoot, edit and post for distribution on time and within a very manageable budget. The video earned wide distribution both within BNY Mellon and on social media.

Effective video content doesn’t have to take weeks or months and carry huge a budget,  it just needs to have a good story, have a specific goal and smart distribution plan.