Video: BrightTALK Studios at Cisco Live 2016

Video: BrightTALK Studios at Cisco Live 2016 1024 577 BrightTALK Studios

This past June, we attended the annual Cisco Live conference at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  Our mission was to create high engagement social media videos for two new clients, Kentik and Illusive Networks.  As savvy content marketers, their goal was to  produce and share timely thought leadership social media videos in real time, while keeping production costs reasonable.

In most situations, shooting at conferences involves 3-5 person crews and traveling with a number of large pieces of checked baggage full of equipment. More often we’re finding, and for Cisco Live this was the case, “run-and-gun” has been the way to go: 2 producers, 1 producer-operated camera, portable battery operated lighting panels, and a small audio kit.  This allowed us freedom of motion around the conference floor.  More importantly, it allowed us to be flexible in meeting and setting up for time strapped thought leaders and executives.

We scheduled 30-minute breaks between interviews for onsite editing and turnaround.  As part of the run-and-gun kit we packed a Macbook Pro set up for editing, allowing us to create 30-60 second social videos that were shared nearly in real-time using the #CLUS and #CiscoLive hashtags.

We also created lengthier thought leadership videos that our clients could use to generate leads and drive engagement on their BrightTALK channels. In this  way, we were able to fulfill several marketing objectives with just one day of shooting.

Kentik’s VP of Marketing, Alex Henthorn-Iwane, was particularly pleased with their results.  

The BrightTalk team was a real pleasure to work with.  Their professionalism and skill made it very easy for us to execute several videos in a day.  The videos were a great way to share thought leadership from both Kentik and independent points of view on big data’s impact on network analytics in the Cisco Live context.  We’re looking forward to sharing more videos going forward.

We’ve also been experimenting with iPhones as a B-camera to capture quick b-roll and spontaneous images. Our fearless producers, Michelle Salta and Mike Marsdale grabbed some behind the scenes footage on their iPhones for the below clip – edited on the plane back to NY, of course!