Webinar: Animation for Complex Stories

Webinar: Animation for Complex Stories 1024 576 BrightTALK Studios

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In a seminal 1940’s publication, revised through the 1950’s and 60’s, Edgar Dale coined what has been called the “Pyramid of Learning”. He found, and it’s been tested and reproved any number of times since, is that interactive learning is the most effective activity for information retention, but a combination of visual and verbal learning is the next best thing. And coming in dead last is text alone! In later studies subjects were found to retain only 25% of the information in text content after 3 hours and as little as 10% after 3 days.

If text is your primary publishing format, are you comfortable with your audiences forgetting 90% of what you’ve written? In this webinar, BrightTALK Studios’ Simon Gerzina explores how you can use animated video to better tell your complex marketing stories.